What therapy methods?

At teity, Lily Ching combines kinesiology techniques and body movements to re-establish physical, emotional and biochemical balances optimising the Chi energy circulation and neurological connections.

At teity, Lily combines kinesiology techniques with body movements to restore physical, emotional and biochemical balances.  

Touch for Health Kinesiology uses muscle testing to find out energy imbalances in the meridian system (Traditional Chinese Medicine). An unlocking muscle indicates an area that needs support. With the help of many non invasive correction methods, the muscle will lock again which indicates a restoration of the energy circulation.  Energy circulation is as important as blood circulation.  

Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) is designed to stimulate and create better brain and body connections. It has an emphasis on Primitive Reflexes integration, various brain systems integration and sensory/cognitive functions integration.  The specially designed RMT exercises imitate how a baby moves.  Babies develop neurological, physiological and emotional systems by a set of automatic involuntary movement programmes called Primitive Reflexes.  Through sensory stimulation and bodily movement, these patterns are triggered so that babies can move.  When these patterns remain active beyond their intended development stage.  Using body movement combined with sensory input is a natural way to connect brain and body.

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