Brain Body Optimisation
√ improves posture and coordination
√ helps maintain sense of balance
√ relieves pain and tension
√ brings relaxation and inner peace
√ provides energy for self healing
√ unites brain and body to maximise potentials
√ makes changes possible
√ is for everyone at all ages

At teity - Brain Body Optimisation, Lily Ching provides holistic (non-invasive) consultation to bring wellness and balance to support you through everyday challenges.  It promotes self awareness, self respect, self acceptance and love for oneself.

  • What is Brain Body Optimisation

    Brain Body Optimisation focuses on building optimal neurological connections and on restoring optimal Chi energy…

  • What therapy methods?

    At teity, Lily Ching combines kinesiology techniques and body movements to re-establish physical, emotional and…

  • For what complaints?

    Is Brain Body Optimisation for me?
    Absolutely!! BBO is for everyone who wants to maximise their potentials, reach…

  • What happens in a consultation?

    Some Q&A's about the consultation.
    Are there needles and medication involved?
    Can I wear clothes?
    I had injuries and…

  • Consultation & Fees

    At the first consultation, there will be an in-take regarding some history and the current issues, and establishing the…

  • Contact

    For enquiries and appointments, please contact Lily Ching on +31-6-27838132 via text messages or WhatsApp or lily@teity.

  • Lily Ching

    Rhythmic Movement Training Certified Provider
    Touch for Health Kinesiology Practitioner/Instructor