What happens in a consultation?

Some Q&A's about the consultation.
Are there needles and medication involved?
Can I wear clothes?
I had injuries and my mobility is limited, is a consultation possible?
I have limited verbal communication, is it possible?

At teity Lily Ching offers holistic therapy.  

At the first consult, a brief in take about some life history and the specific goals will be discussed. After establishing the goals of the treatment, there is usually an opportunity for experiencing what Brain Body Optimisation feels like, especially when clients may get emotional and stressful after talking about the issues.  

There is no use of drugs or needles.  

Clients are fully clothed.  With permission of the client, muscle testing can be used as biofeedback on the therapy methods for the session.  Some techniques require massaging or touching on certain acupressure points, while other techniques are floor exercises on the mat.  Client can choose to lay on the massage table, stand or sit.  

If client has limited mobility and verbal communication skills, Lily Ching has developed techniques to work with people with all abilities and consciousness.  Please contact Lily Ching for more details.

Self care is of utmost importance.  A client's wishes are always respected.

teity is now fully covid safe. All consultations take place via video or audio calls. Clients feel very safe in the comfort of their own environment. There is no need to travel and it saves a lot of valuable time and costs to get to the practice. It also means that Brain Body Optimisation is now available to everyone in the entire world.

Please contact Lily Ching for enquiries and bookings.

Text Tuesday, January 14, 2014