Touch for Health Kinesiology

Touch for Health Kinesiology - Let your body talk!
Sickness symptoms, such as pain, can be a way your body wants to tell you something.

Touch for Health Kinesiology intends to bring wellness and balance to the body and mind, to establish an equilibrium between physical, psychological and biochemical aspects in life.  

Kinesiology means using muscle testing as a biofeedback for finding out imbalances.  TFH uses many touch techniques to remove re-establish a good circulation of energy.  This life energy is called Chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  When the life energy circulates well, the body is able to maintain its own well being, homeostasis, and resist foreign invaders and illnesses.  

TFH Kinesiology is holistic and is suitable for all ages.  It is particularly effective for pain relief, emotion and physical stress, insomnia, allergies and trauma.  

With the help of muscle testing, the treatment plan will be customised just for you.  

Collection Thursday, January 2, 2014