What is Brain Body Optimisation

Brain Body Optimisation focuses on building optimal neurological connections and on restoring optimal Chi energy circulation in the meridian system. They provide the essential elements and resources to reach your full potentials. Brain Body Optimisation complements your medical treatment regime to be more effective and reduces side effects.

Brain Body Optimisation focuses on 2 areas:

  1. building optimal neurological connections between the brain and the body and
  2. restoring energy (Chi) circulation in the meridian system (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Why is it important to have optimal neurological connections?  

When brain and body are well connected, the body follows both your conscious commands and the subconscious commands of the brain.  When you want to turn your head alone, the head moves without the whole body following.  When you want to relax, your muscles can relax.  When you want to run or play the piano faster, your whole body or fingers will follow.  When you want to sit still and read, you can concentrate and learn.  

Do you feel well connected or does your body seem to have a mind of its own?  Are you well coordinated or do you seem to trip over nothing?  Are you able to stay emotionally balanced or are you a slave of anxiety, fear, anger, sadness and depression?  Are you able to change a habit easily or you revert back to the old ways or issues repeatedly?

Why is Chi energy important for our health?

Chi or energy is as important as blood for our bodily functions.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, when energy circulates well, the body can maintain its own equilibrium (or homeostasis), resist outside invaders (e.g., germs and virus) and heal itself.  When there is/are blockages affecting the energy circulation, sickness symptoms will appear because the body and organs cannot function properly.  Chronic energy imbalances lead to serious illnesses.

Can your body maintain a comfortable body temperature or do you feel too hot or too cold?  Can you recover from a cold or flu easily or it seems to drain your system?  Do you have good immunity or you seem to catch all illnesses from people around you?  

How can neurological connections be built?  How is the energy circulation restored?

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