Lily Ching

Rhythmic Movement Training Certified Provider
Touch for Health Kinesiology Practitioner/Instructor
Neuroenergetic Kinesiology
Stress Indicator Points System

Lily Ching is a testimony how Brain Body Optimisation restored her health and well being. She is dedicated to provide holistic therapy to the community and to promote wellness.

Lily Ching studied Touch for Health Kinesiology with Loes Turk, Amsterdam and completed TFH Instructor Training with Matthew Thie.  In search of wellness and more knowledge in kinesiology, she found Rhythmic Movement Training.  Lily is the first certified Rhythmic Movement Training Provider in the Netherlands.

Lily Ching suffered more than 3 years of recurring sinusitis and tonsillitis (3-4 times per month) and high fever (40°C) after giving birth to a healthy boy in 2008.  Scoliosis, chronic body ache, low muscle tone, and hypermobility added to the daily challenges of recovering from illnesses and caring for a young family.  Numerous visits to her GP and specialists in the hospital, lots of blood tests and a CT scan concluded that there were no pathologies for the conditions.  Thanks to an honest and open-minded Ear Nose Throat specialist (KNO) who suggested Lily to seek alternative medicine, she began her journey to wellness.  

With the intention of wellness, Lily experiments on herself all the techniques she has learned in order to experience the changes they bring to the brain and the body.  With the help from Touch for Health Kinesiology and especially Rhythmic Movement Training and a few other therapy methods, Lily stands upright, shoulders even, and is a very happy mother.  Lily is a testimony how kinesiology and Rhythmic Movement Training bring health and wellness to her and her whole family.  

Lily hopes not only to bring wellness to all who seeks it but also to promote the importance of self-care.  Health and well-being can be in your own hands.  The wellness of your entire family can begin from YOU.  If you are interested to learn about the therapy methods, please check the courses on offer.

Lily Ching has a M.Sc. in Speech and Language Processing from University of Edinburgh.  She has completed many neuroscience online courses with distinction, including Bioelectricity and Medical Neuroscience offered by Duke University.  She has good understanding of neurological growth and development and how blockages in the nervous system present themselves.  

Person Friday, January 14, 2022