For what complaints?

Is Brain Body Optimisation for me?
Absolutely!! BBO is for everyone who wants to maximise their potentials, reach further, higher and deeper into their personal goals. BBO is about making changes possible.

Who would benefit from Brain Body Optimisation?
People at all ages and with all abilities and disabilities will benefit.
People with high sensitivities will benefit.

Lily Ching has adapted ways to work with people who do not like to be touched, who are not able to move their bodies voluntarily or other inhibiting conditions.


Is Brain Body Optimisation for me?  

Do you just want to be happy, healthy and well?
Do you want inner peace and tranquility?
Do you feel trapped in your work, your relationships, your body?  
Do you have paralysing fear that holds you back from achieving your goal?
Do you feel that your body has a mind of its own?
Are you in situations that repeatedly stress and drain you?
Have you been in therapy for weeks, months or even years and same issue(s) keep coming back?
Are your symptoms "atypical" and no pathologies found?

Do you suffer from one or more of the following challenges (the list is just examples): 

Physical ChallengesEmotional ChallengesBiochemical Challenges
Chronic painFear / PhobiaAllergies
Post injury painAnxietyHypersensitivities
muscle tone
HypermobilityDepressionChronic headache
Poor coordinationSelf esteemSide effects from
long-term medication
Neurological Challenges
Cerebral palsyAustismSensory Processing Disorder
  • What is Brain Body Optimisation

    Brain Body Optimisation focuses on building optimal neurological connections and on restoring optimal Chi energy…

  • What therapy methods?

    At teity, Lily Ching combines kinesiology techniques and body movements to re-establish physical, emotional and…

  • Consultation & Fees

    At the first consultation, there will be an in-take regarding some history and the current issues, and establishing the…

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