RMT Face the Fear (RMT the Fear Paralysis, Facial Reflexes, Language and Bonding)

Fear affects everyone. It paralyses us and is only logical to the person who has it. How liberating is that to be able to overcome your fears and help others? Are you ready to face your fears?

This 2-day special interest class extends the information about the Fear Paralysis Reflex (Level 2) and looks at the reflexes involved in helping the Moro reflex to integrate and that are also important for speech and language development and how important all these reflexes are for developing self-esteem, confidence, bonding and the ability to form healthy attachments, which is essential for emotional development.

The class adds to your knowledge of how to use the movements, and includes new isometric pressure techniques. The class also teaches a simple, gentle and relaxing facial massage, and some kinesiology techniques that promote emotional and behavioural integration.

Pre-requisite: RMT One and preferably RMT Two

Collection Thursday, January 2, 2014