RMT Two (Emotions, Memory and Behaviour)

This 1-day course addresses how our emotional brain develops in early years, how Rhythmic Movement Training can stimulate the emotion brain, how to work with movements to get in touch with our emotions and to stabilise them when they threaten to take control. It also examines how stress and daily life affects our body and how the rhythmic movements can help to relax and ease muscle tension. It is a necessary supplement for anyone who wishes to work with rhythmic movement training.

Pre-requisite: RMT One
(N.B.: Depending on the instructor RMT Two can be taught as a 1 ½ or 2 day class. Sometimes RMT levels One and Two are taught as one class, as either a 4-day class or as 3-day (extended days) class).  Please check the RMT One & Two section for class opportunities as well.

Collection Thursday, January 2, 2014