Rhythmic Movement Training Courses

Rhythmic Movement Training is for everyone.
If you are a teacher, physical/occupation therapist, yoga instructor, psychologist, RMT would be a great tool in your work.
If you want self growth and are interested in do-it-yourself wellness, these courses are for you, too.

Here you can find out all the informations about RMT courses.

If you want to know what RMT is, what primitive reflexes are and why it is important to integrate them, click What is Rhythmic Movement Training to read more.  

RMT foundation courses are: RMT One (Focus, Organisation and Comprehension), RMT Two (Emotions, Memory and Behaviour) and RMT Three (Reading and Writing).  There are the essentials skills required to have body control to move and be still, emotional control and interaction with others and abilities to learn.  

Special interest course includes:  RMT Face the Fear (Fear Paralysis, Facial Reflexes, Language and Bonding).  

Click on the individual course description for more information.  Course dates are listed on a separate link.

  • Rhythmic Movement Training

    What is Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT)?
    RMT is a movement based therapy which uses specially designed floor exercises…

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